Saints' Gold & Sinners

Saints' Gold & Sinners - author's note 
This historical/contemporary, paranormal thriller reflects my interest in medieval history and man's enduring belief in religion and the supernatural.  These themes, combined with a quest for Saxon gold and a slow burn love interest, makes for an intriguing adventure that gallops along to its shattering, unnerving climax when, on a black, storm-blasted mid-winter's night on the East Anglian marshes, ancient ghosties and ghoulies collide with the twenty-first century.  

Saints' Gold & Sinners
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Saints' Gold & Sinners - synopsis
In the middle of the tenth century on a winter solstice eve in East Anglia four young Saxon warriors commit a heinous crime. Despite their blood soaked past they are horrified by their deed and vow to expunge their souls of their sin even if it means committing themselves to hell in the process.
   Believing that salvation is a mere few years away at the millennium's Judgement Day and that only a religious will be able to read it, they devise a complex riddle containing clues to the location of their hidden golden hoard and the earthly remains of the innocent young woman they butchered. Providing the hoard's discoverer is without malice, greed or sin and the correct rites are observed the four brothers will be released from their suffering and gain paradise - or so they believe. The problem is that the millennium comes and goes and the riddle and its meanings are forgotten, until one day in the twenty-first century a young man, a restless adventurer, stumbles across a parchment - the riddle - and discovers his own inheritance as a long lost member of a family of wealthy landowners. 
   In the process of his exploration for the Saxon gold he falls in love, discovers that he is a member of a powerful secret religious brotherhood and realises that to achieve his goal he must compromise his own sanity and put at risk the very lives of those people he has come to hold most dear.
   The story switches deftly between the tenth century and the present day until finally the spirits of the long dead warriors and the girl they murdered start to impinge on the lives of the living.
   The tale climaxes on a black, storm-lashed winter solstice eve on the Suffolk marshes, when ghosts and men come face to face, judgements are made and souls duly consigned.

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